more vacation 2009

While we were down the Savannah way, we also drove over to Hilton Head Island

- the atmosphere there is very laid back - it wouldn't be a complete trip for me unless we get to go for a walk on Coligny Beach . It's so peaceful and beautiful there, even in February and everyone is so friendly! (some nice local offered to take our picture- thanks!) Here are some pictures...


Anonymous said...

Savannah seems like a great place to visit! David & I have been to the NC outer banks with his family, and I love it there (up by Duck and Corolla). I love ANY ocean beach -- the sound of the waves are SO relaxing. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing!
I'll be checking out your Etsy shop - glad to see you have one set up! Do you plan on selling your bears there?

Lynn :-) said...

Yes, Savannah is a wonderful place to visit especially if you are an artist- even a 3 day trip is cool, try the historic district, Broughton Street and River Street to get a real flavor of the city :-) Thanks also for the post on your wonderful site and I'm shooting to put stuff on Etsy to sell later this summer! Take care!