hAppY nEw yEAr !

just a quick one- happy 2010- see you all soon , hopefully I will be posting more in the coming year............


Max-2002 to 2009

Here's portrait i did, with a small addition- We lost a dear friend- Max was a sweet kitty boy!


a bEar foR poLLy

A friend of mine requested a bear for her 2nd anniversary of being a cancer survivor, so here she is. She is based on a pattern from one of my favorite bear-makers, Jenny Loves Benny - i wonder what Polly named her bear ? hmmmmmm...................... :) - to see more pictures, go to my Flickr page


LittLe iNdePenDence

Here's my latest: a bear for my friend Sally's birthday-happy birthday Sally, and many more! :)


hAppY 4tH !

just sharing one of my photos- enjoy your holiday! i should be posting new stuff soon..


latest project: a bear for Farah

Here are some photos of my latest commission from my friend Nomar , an anniversary present for his lovely bride of 2 years, Farah- Happy Anniversary guys-many, many more :-)


Latest Project : A Teddy with a Past, part 2...

Well, here's the finish- to see more, check out my Flickr :-)


Latest Project : A Teddy with a Past, part 1....

The adventure begins....My friend's sister inherited 2 fur stoles from her mother-in-law when she passed away a few years ago. She wanted to pass them on to her girls, but she knew if they were just the fur stoles, chances were they'd get put away and never really be seen- so she asked me if i would take them and make them into 2 Teddy bears as a keepsake for them. I feel honored that she trusted me, but it's been a daunting task,- i mean , if i mess up, i can't just run to the fabric store and get another heirloom fur stole (!) It took me forever to even take the lining out and draw the pattern on the back side of the fur , but the process has finally begun. An excellent book on making bears like this is called "Teddy Bears With a Past" by Nancy Tillberg. More to come on my adventure next post...

more vacation 2009

While we were down the Savannah way, we also drove over to Hilton Head Island

- the atmosphere there is very laid back - it wouldn't be a complete trip for me unless we get to go for a walk on Coligny Beach . It's so peaceful and beautiful there, even in February and everyone is so friendly! (some nice local offered to take our picture- thanks!) Here are some pictures...


vacation 2009

Every February (or thereabouts), my husband and I go to Savannah, Georgia to get away from the cold for a while and to soak up some sun after many a cold, gray day here in Ohio. This time, we were blessed- the temperature was in the 60s and 70s all week! If you've never been , it's a beautiful city to explore. Here are some photos of this lovely place...
To see more photos , go to my flickr page


well, here i go........

I've been saying i was going to do this for a year and i FINALLY decided to do it!
Check back soon -I hope to post some things and places that inspire me and some of the new things I'm working on- take care! :-)