nEw LooK

i was messing around with a new contemporary cute for my fav subject matter- Ladybugs- and here's what i came up with. Take a peek at the new little lady that will be gracing my blog in 2010- i may have to do this every year :-)))))) .........


50th aNNiveRsaRY

My good friend Kelly's parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary- i was not able to attend, but to commemorate the occasion, i was able to make a cake topper (inspired by my favorite plush artist, Jennifer Murphy) to send as a keepsake- i heard it was a great party, even after the dog licked the cake! (they ate the other side) Happy Anniversary Sally and Russ!


LouiE surprise

Last May, they announced that i had won a Louie award for a Mother's day concept i had done - i was so honored. Well this year they did a display at work to show those concepts larger than life- it was very cool to see it big- thanks again to AG for the opportunity! :)


vAcatiOn 2010

For vacation this year, we were back in a familiar place- Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Georgia, cooler than normal but still beautiful :)
i will post some more photos later but here are two montages i made of my architectural elements and some beach-combing finds from Savannah and Hilton Head- i have been inspired by a lot of things I'm seeing lately [thanks Susan :-)] to look for color palettes in the everyday, so i will be trying this over the next few weeks- i don't know why i didn't try this sooner- i love color! Now I'm a great procrastinator ,so we'll see how long it actually takes, but check back soon, and see what i come up with :)


hAppy AnniversAry

this is a piece of art i did for my wedding 5 years ago - happy anniversary !